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Thailand: Image Support?

07.09.2006, 18:53
[IMG=20922-6757]On September 7th BANKO correspondents interviewed tour operators that specialize in Thai market concerning their plans for the coming winter season and asked them to analyze situation regarding flights to the islands. At the moment flight programs are practically formed. Thus, two charter programs from Moscow to Phuket will be operated by Transaero. One of them is planned to be consolidated by TEZ TOUR and Natalie Tours starting from November 2nd. The other one will be consolidated by a pool of tour operators – Lanta-tour Voyage, CAPITAL TOUR, Bureau South Cross, PAKS and Aniko tours – once in ten days starting from October 7th. First two flights will be operated by Boeing – 767, while the following flights will be operated by Boeing - 747. We remind you that last year only the only charter program to Phuket was consolidated by the same pool of tour operators but it was launched in November. Moreover, last year the aircraft was smaller. Ludmila Puchkova, President of Lanta-tour Voyage, commented as follows: ‘earlier launch of a charter program and a choice of a bigger aircraft were dictated by a stable demand that became evident even in summer. Experts explain the increase in demand for the island by more developed infrastruсture and renewed hotel base. Nevertheless, travel market players believe that the increase of air traffic volume might result into excess of flights followed by special offers for special offers for Phuket. Alexander Skroman, the Head of South-East Asia of Bureau South Cross, said: ‘the excess will be especially evident at low dates’. As a consequence, considerable profits are hardly possible. Travel market experts believe a launch of a big number of flights to the destination is aimed at image support of the destination after the tsunami of 2004. Furthermore, experts are apprehensive about the possibility of the fact that forecasts of separate travel market players regarding a considerable increase in demand will not materialise owing lack of discounts for in-country services. Alexander Abramov, Director of Aniko-tours, said: ‘last year many hotels offered accommodation at very good prices in order to attract tourists back that will not repeat this year’. Local hoteliers do not rush into reducing prices also because of high demand for the island in the European market.
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